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Spark runtime Architecture – How Spark Jobs are executed

How Spark Jobs are Executed- A Spark application is a set of processes running on a cluster. All these processes are coordinated by the driver program. The driver is: -the process where the main() method of your program run. -the process running the code that creates a SparkContext, creates RDDs, and stages up or sends off transformations and actions. These processes that run computations and store data for your application are executors. Executors: -Run the tasks that represent the application. -Return computed results to the driver. -Provide in-memory storage for cached RDDs. Execution of a Spark program: 1. The driver program runs the Spark application, which creates a SparkContext upon start-up. 2. The SparkContext connects to a cluster manager (e.g., Mesos/YARN) which allocates resour...

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