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How to flatten JSON in Spark Dataframe

How to flatten whole JSON containing ArrayType and StructType in it? In order to flatten a JSON completely we don’t have any predefined function in Spark. We ca…Read More

How to create Spark Dataframe on HBase table[Code Snippets]

There is no direct library to create Dataframe on HBase table like how we read Hive table with Spark sql. This post gives the way to create dataframe on top of …Read More

How to Add Serial Number to Spark Dataframe

You may required to add Serial number to Spark Dataframe sometimes. It can be done with the spark function called monotonically_increasing_id(). It generates a …Read More

Spark runtime Architecture – How Spark Jobs are executed

How Spark Jobs are Executed- A Spark application is a set of processes running on a cluster. All these processes are coordinated by the driver program. The driv…Read More

How to Calculate total time taken for particular method in Spark[Code Snippet]

In some cases where you applied Joins in the spark application, you might want to know the time taken to complete the particular join. Below code snippet might …Read More

How to get latest record in Spark Dataframe

scala> val inputDF = sc.parallelize(Seq((1,”oclay”,400,”2015-01-01 00:00:00″),(1,”oclay”,800,”2018-01-01 00:00:00″))).toDF(“pid”,”pname”,”price”,”last_mod”) …Read More

How to filter DataFrame based on keys in Scala List using Spark UDF [Code Snippets]

There are some situations where you are required to Filter the Spark DataFrame based on the keys which are already available in Scala collection. Let’s se…Read More

Transformation and Actions in Spark

Transformations and Actions – Spark defines transformations and actions on RDDs. Transformations – Return new RDDs as results. They are lazy, Their …Read More

Ways to create DataFrame in Apache Spark [Examples with Code]

Ways to create DataFrame in Apache Spark – DATAFRAME is the representation of a matrix but we can have columns of different datatypes or similar table wit…Read More

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