How to Use Python For Loop ?

In this article, you’ll learn how to use Python for loop (Range Collection, String, Collections)?

Using Python For Loop on range collection:

for elem in range(5): print(elem,end=" ") print() for elem in range(1, 6): print(elem,end=" ") print() for elem in range(5, -1, -1): print( 'Countdown: ' , elem)

Using Python For Loop in String:

for char in 'string': print(char, end=' ') print()

Using Python For Loop on Collections


for tup in (1, 3, 5): print(tup) for val in ['hey', 'hi', 'Whoa']: print(val) greek = { 'alpha': 1, 'beta': 2, 'gamma': 3} for key in greek: if key == 'beta': continue print(key, greek[key])


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