Interacting with HIVE – CLI, GUI

Hive Command Line Interface (CLI) –

  • Interaction with Hive is commonly done with CLI
  • Hive CLI is started with the $HIVE_HOME/bin/hive command which is a bash script
  • Prompt for hive is  hive >
  • Using CLI , you can create tables, inspect schema and query tables
  • CLI is a thick client for Hive – it needs local copy of all Hive and Hadoop client components along with their configurations
  • It can work as a JDBC client , MapReduce client or HDFS client

Hive Graphical user Interface(GUI) Tools –

  1. Ambari – Provided by Hortonworks Distribution
  2. HUE – Provided by Cloudera Distribution
  3. QuBole
  4. Karmasphere

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